I have been a hairdresser since 2004. Over this time I’ve often been asked by clients how to create a certain style in their hair at home; from daytime to evening styles and what products and equipment is best for their hair. Even for myself it can be a struggle doing my own hair and having some simple tips can really help. I’m frequently asked how to blow dry, curl or use rollers (only some examples).

 So now I can offer a personal workshop to help you create your own specific style.

So that you gain the most value and benefit as possible from the workshop, when you make a booking for the workshop I shall contact you for a consultation via email or phone. This will ensure that you and your hair are prepared as far as is possible for when I arrive. Then we can get started straight away and waste no time!

Please find the best area for you in your house to carry out your workshop. For example, where would you usually do your hair? Mine is in my bedroom in front of a full length mirror, near plug sockets.

Please have your own hairdryer, brushes, straighteners/tongs, clips/grips, products and any other hair accessories you use setup and ready for when I arrive. This is so you can learn with your own equipment.

You can learn how to:-

Blow dry your hair
What brush to use
What clips to use
What products to use
Tips on curling with straighteners & tongs
Using rollers
A simple ponytail for you
Creating a bun using a bun ring or creating a messy bun
A simple plait
Back comb your hair
Easy hair ups

Workshop results


1 hour – £40 for 1 person
1 1/2 hour – £55 for 1 person
2 hours – £70 for 1 or 2 persons
2 hours – £100 for 3 people
2 hours – £130 for 4 or 5 people


If you would like to arrange a workshop for 6 or more people then please contact me for pricing and details.
Thank you.




Use a shampoo & conditioner for coloured hair
Do not wash your hair every day
Use a heat protector before applying heat to your hair to protect your colour & reduce fading
Re-book a freshen-up colour service in between full colour service to maintain your colour longer & reduce cost
Once a week, treat your hair to an intense conditioning treatment
Use sun hair protection sprays – Tip: fill a water bottle with some water and add in some sun cream. The UV will protect your hair colour. Or add some conditioner which will create a barrier from the sea or chlorine
Wear a hat


Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type
Have your hair cut between 6-8 weeks on short hair, 8-10 weeks on long hair
Use the correct styling products for your hair type
When blow drying your hair, use the correct brush size, sectioning clips and invest in a good hairdryer with heat settings and a nozzle
Don’t over colour or style your hair, give it a day off! Look after your hair and it will make you feel and look great
When straightening your hair, section hair off and use a comb to keep hair detangled when running the straighteners through the hair
Dry shampoo is great to use in between hair washing and adding volume
Add a mist of hairspray to your hair after styling to create a barrier to reduce frizzing on humid or rainy days. Hair up do’s spray away! (I recommend a flexible hold for day to day styles)